Second International Workshop on Nonequilibrium Processes in Plasma Physics and Studies of Environment

Belgrade and Novi Sad, Serbia, August 23-26, 2008


The Workshop timetable can be downloaded from here.

The Book of Abstracts is now available for download.


  • Elementary processes in plasmas
    Electron-molecule collisions
    Positron transport and collisions
    Electron and ion swarms
  • Nonequilibrium discharges at low pressures
    Plasma diagnostics
    Plasma modeling
  • Nonequilibrium discharges at atmospheric pressure
  • Plasma applications
  • Collective phenomena in plasmas
  • Nonequilibrium processes
  • Transport of pollutants

List of speakers

Invited lectures

Ane Aanesland (France) - Plasma propulsion with electronegative gases

Johannes Berndt (France) - to be announced

Zoltan Donko (Hungary) - Two-dimensional dusty plasma crystals and liquids

Timo Gans (UK) - The dynamics of radio-frequency atmospheric pressure plasma jets

Valery Godyak (USA) - Formation of Non-equilibrium EEDF in Non-uniform RF Plasmas

Kinga Kutasi (Hungary) - An overview of post-discharge systems used for plasma

Toshiaki Makabe (Japan) - Low Presure Nonequilibrium Plasma for Topdown Nanoprocesses; its structure and function

Dragana Marić (Serbia) - Hollow Cathode Discharges: Volt-Ampere Characteristics and Space-Time Resolved Structure of the Discharge

Bratislav Marinković (Serbia) - Study of Higher Excited States of Some Polyatomic Molecules Relevant for Plasma Physics and Environment

Miran Mozetič (Slovenia) - Surface functionalization of organic materials by weakly ionized highly dissociated plasma

Nuno Pinhao (Portugal) - Recent developments on PLASMAKIN – a software package to
model the kinetics in gas discharges

Goran Poparić (Serbia) - Rate coefficients for vibrational and electronic excitation of the CO molecule

Miles Turner (Ireland) - How is the Bohm criterion satisfied in the presence of several positive ions?


Progress reports

Stephen Buckman (Australia) - Positron Cooling, Trapping and Transport in Gases

Laurence Campbell (Australia) - Nonequilibrium calculations of the role of electron impact in the production of NO and its emissions

Mirko Černak (Czech Republic) - to be announced

Uwe Czarnetzki (Germany) - A Novel and Simple Method for Independent Control of Ion Energy and Flux

Matthew Goeckner (USA) - Direct injection of liquids into low-pressure plasmas

Jasmina Jovanović (Serbia) - Cross Sections and Transport Properties of Negative Ions in Rare Gases

Achim vonKeudell (Germany) - SiO2 deposition by microplasma jets

James Munro (UK) - Progress on the construction of software tools designed to help solve the plasma chemistry data problem

Deborah O'Connell (UK) - Mode transitions in radio-frequency plasmas

Antoine Rousseau (France) - Production of molecule on a pyrex surface under plasma exposure: example of NO

James Sullivan (Australia) - High resolution, low energy positron scattering from neon

Olivera Šašić (Serbia) - Cross section Data for Modeling Non-equilibrium Plasmas in N2O

Jovo Vranješ (Belgium) - Effects of friction on modes in collisional multicomponent plasmas



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